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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


M A R D I N I Commitment  to Our Consumers:


M A R D I N I is committed to building a lasting and meaningful relationship with you, our consumer, and we recognize that this relationship .must  be built on mutual trust. We collect and use data to shape your beauty experience with personalized products, services and offers.

- We respect your privacy and choices. You can opt-out at any time

- We do not sell your data

- We require partners to abide by the law and protect your information

- We will continue to evolve and update our privacy and security practices because retaining your trust is important to us

Our detailed privacy policy below describes the types of information we collect from you directly, from your interactions with us (our Sites and  advertising), how we use it, how we protect and keep it secure, and your rights as our consumer. This policy is for consumers and visitors of our Sites.




M A R D I N I collects information that you provide to us, from your engagement with our brand sites and platforms, advertising, media, and from  third parties who have your consent to share it.




Everything we do, and the data we collect, is in pursuit of bringing beauty experiences to your life.

We use data within the Mardini family of brands to communicate with you about our beauty products, services, answer questions and create better experiences. We use data for tailored advertising and communications.

We may combine information that we collect via one method (e.g., from a website, our digital advertising) with another method (e.g., an offline   event). We do this to get a more complete view of your preferences for our beauty products and services, which, in turn, allows us to serve you better and with more customization and better beauty products.




We share information with the third parties (vendors, agencies and businesses) that help us run our sites, our business, and retail our products to   further MARDINI's beauty mission. We do not sell your data or permit re-use of personal information for independent use without your consent. We share information to the extent we need to prevent fraud, when required by law or authorities and in the event of a sale of our  company.




You can unsubscribe from our sites at any time. You can also opt-out of interest based advertising as well as SMS messaging, push notifications.